Multiple Single Family

615−621 Forest Court

Location:  Clayton, Missouri
Owner/Developer:  Cachet Homes
Completion Date:  May, 1995
Size:  Five 2200 SF townhouses
Cost:  $675,000

This project represents the first new moderately-priced infill housing in Clayton.  The traditional Georgian design is detailed to blend with the surrounding older structures.  The plan features two-story spaces and cantilevered decks.

Couteau Townhouses

Location:  Saint Louis, Missouri
Owner/Developer:  Curran Redevelopment
Completion Date:  November, 1995
Size:  Three 1500 SF 3 BR townhouses
Cost:  $275,000

These moderately priced townhouses are being developed with a grant from the Saint Louis Community Development Agencies.  The masonry façade design complements the surrounding historic neighborhood.

Clara Wells Homes

Location:  Saint Louis, Missouri
Owner/Developer:  Verge Development
Completion Date:  Phase 1 Complete August, 2005, Phase 2 Complete July, 2008
Size:  1800 SF each
Cost:  $150,000 each

Using the technology of pre-manufactured homes, these two-story model homes complement the existing city neighborhood.  Brick veneer fronts, decorative porches and steep-sloped roofs make these two-story homes indistinguishable from those using conventional construction.

Cook Avenue

Developer:  Ranken Community Development Corporation

Every year, Ranken Technical School sponsors the construction of a row of new homes near the campus.  This program is both an opportunity to give students hands-on construction experience and a way to provide the community with moderately priced homes.  This row of four homes uses an “Arts and Crafts” style vernacular exterior.  The interior features many amenities, such as a two-story entry, attached two-car garage, crown molding and sophisticated lighting not found in many similar “for profit” developments

Forest Park Southeast

Project Name:  Scattered Site Renovation – Forest Park Southeast 
Location:  Saint Louis, Missouri
Owner/Developer:  Curran Redevelopment
Completion Date:  November, 1999
Size:  3 one and two family renovations
Cost:  $100,000 each

Each of these idiosyncratic buildings was addressed differently.  Two were converted from duplexes to single family residences, the third was left as two apartments, but with the unit entry and living areas re-oriented to the rear parking and yard.  In keeping with other work in this historic district, many original features were retained or replicated.  All units were updated and reconfigured to be marketable for contemporary living.

Victory Homes

Location:  Jennings, Missouri
Owner/Developer:  Right-On Construction
Completion Date:  October, 2006
Size:  5 homes1500 SF each
Cost:  $100,000 each

This row of homes was funded through the Saint Louis County Affordable Housing program.  The compact living spaces are surprisingly gracious, and the house include a separate dining area as well as an attached garage.

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