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Applied Scholastics

Location:  Saint Louis, Missouri
Contractor:  Prost Builders
Owner: ABLE International
Completion Date:  June, 2003
Construction Costs: $1,500,000

Levine Architects was the local architect for the comprehensive renovation of this existing 3-story retirement center as an educational facility.  Living quarters were renovated and the main lobby and dining facility reworked.  We provided all construction drawings and as coordinated between the out-of town client and designer, local contractor, as well as provided extensive code analysis and negotiation with code enforcement authorities.

A related project renovated the original 100-year old farmhouse for use as the director’s apartment with first floor meeting and banquet spaces.  This project also included exterior entertainment facilities and a two-car garage blending with the original building style.

Life Church

Location:  Fenton, Missouri
Contractor:  Total Interiors Contractors, Inc.
Completion Date:  December, 2011

Life Church obtained an existing church for its relocation.  The Building did not have an adequate lobby or fellowship area and the front entry barely disguised the pre-engineered metal building.  The new lobby addition provides a grand entry.  It incorporates a curved aluminum storefront and a mix of masonry and plaster elements, complementing the style of a previous addition.  The project consolidates interior spaces to provide direct access to new restrooms and renovated childcare facilities, as well as the original 1000-seat sanctuary.

Nusach Hari B’nai Zion

Location:  Ollivette, Missouri
Contractor:  Ficon Construction, Inc.
Completion Date:  Fall, 2011

A midst the crash of 2008, the budget for the synagogue was slashed by over one third.  Although modest, the building provides every essential feature from the original program.  The two-story building includes a large multi-use sanctuary, a lower level chapel, and administrative spaces.  Special attention was given to strict observance of Jewish Law, including room orientation, two kosher kitchens and ritual hand washing areas.  The design uses the natural slope of the site to provide on-grade access on both levels.  An innovative heating and cooling system utilizes solar collectors and a ground source heat pump resulting in zero utility costs.

Renovations to SADI

Location:  Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Contractor:  Boulder  Construction
Completion Date:  December, 2012
Construction Cost:  $1,000,000

SADI is a social service agency serving disabled adults in southeast Missouri. The project renovated a car dealership building.  The service bays were turned into activity areas, with an adjacent teaching kitchen and laundry, as well as bathrooms and shower areas for clients.  The original parts mezzanine was updated to provide code-mandated exiting and fire separations, with an elevator and fire stair. A new drop-off canopy and exterior renovations bring new interest to the dated exterior.

Renovation to TASK

Location:  Fenton, Missouri
Contractor:  Ficon  Construction
Completion Date:  December, 2012
Description:  TASK provides activities to children with developmental disabilities. This project doubled the size of their demonstration kitchen, provided a new demonstration laundry room, and provided other new spaces within the existing building.

Aish HaTorah West

Location:  Chesterfield, Missouri
Size:  4000 SF (2600 SF renovation, 1400 SF addition)
General contractor:  Pernikoff Construction
Construction Cost:  $650,000
Completion Date:  May, 1999

Project includes renovation of an existing firehouse and a 1400 SF addition, to create an educational building for the client.  The design integrates the existing masonry structure with the addition, and covers all walls with synthetic plaster finish.  New hipped standing seam metal roofing is used to provide more height to the squat lines of the building.  The entire colors are oriented around cream and golden tones, to be reminiscent of the organization’s international headquarters in Jerusalem.

Faith Community Church

Location:  Scotsdale, Missouri
Size:  14,000 sf addition
General Contractor:  Ficon Construction
Completion Date:  December, 2004
Construction Cost:  $2,400,000

The extensive addition included a new sanctuary, bathrooms and administrative offices.  Using a pre-engineered metal building frame, the design integrates many levels and previous buildings, and provides on-grade access for the entire building, as well as a new covered main entrance. The building mass is softened with brick veneer and soffits.  The sanctuary features a balcony, baptistery and audio-visual equipment booths.

Victory Christian Outreach Church

Location:  University City, Missouri
Size:  12,000 SF,
Cost:  $1,200,000
General Contractor:  Iken Construction
Completion Date:  December, 2000

The existing church is housed in a small building originally designed as a hall and offices for a philanthropic organization.  The church is adding a new 800-seat sanctuary and office addition. Although the construction method is a cost-saving pre-engineered metal building, both the exterior masonry and interior detailing present a contemporary but formal image.

Goddard School

Location:  Fenton and Saint Louis, Missouri
Completion Date:  September, 1999 and July, 2000
Construction Cost:  $650,000 each site
Size:  8,000 SF

Using a prototype standards developed by this national chain of childcare centers, the building is designed to creatively use efficient construction methods and inexpensive materials to achieve a pleasant and inviting building.  Surrounding a pre-engineered metal building is a combination of concrete masonry and metal fascia.

Nusach Hari B’nai Zion Synagogue

Location:  Olivette, Missouri
Size:  9,000 SF,
Cost:  $2.800,000
Completion Date:  Construction Drawings Complete October, 2008

The new two-story building takes advantage of the sloping lot with entrances on both levels.  The contemporary style includes a cast stone exterior, high transom windows and a large terrace.  The sanctuary and social hall are divided by a folding wall for flexible use. Wood paneling mimicking the exterior is repeated on the stage.

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