Multi family

Couteau Townhouses

Location:  Saint Louis, Missouri
Owner/Developer:  Curran Redevelopment
Completion Date:  November, 1995
Size:  Three 1500 SF 3 BR townhouses
Cost:  $275,000

These moderately priced townhouses are being developed with a grant from the Saint Louis Community Development Agencies.  The masonry façade design complements the surrounding historic neighborhood.

Friendship House

Location:  Taylorsville, Kentucky
Owner/Developer:  Christian Church Homes
Completion Date:  July, 2004
Size:  27-1 BR elderly apartments
Cost:  $1,500,000

This building provides a companion project to an existing elderly housing project. The project addresses cost-effective construction of the new building, in a style compatible with the existing.

Good Samaritan Elderly Housing

Location:  Jeffersontown, Kentucky
Owner/Developer:  Good Samaritan Society
Completion Date:  December, 1999
Size:  24-1 BR elderly apartments
Cost:  $1,500,000

Funded in the 1996 HUD Section 202 program, this project provides a residential component to an existing nursing home.  The project addresses construction of the new building, as well as reworking the existing campus drive.  A second phase includes an entry addition and renovations to the existing nursing home.

Covenant House

Location:  Saint Louis, Missouri
Owner/Developer:  Community Housing Management Corp
Contractor:  Robinson Quality Construction
Completion Date:  July, 2007,
Cost:  $1,700,000

Urgent elevator repairs required a solution to allow elderly residents access from upper floors of four 4-story buildings, each with a single elevator. The new 4-story walkways connect each pair of buildings so that residents can use the adjacent elevator when one is under renovation.  These utilitarian structures use simple materials and exposed structure.  Located above the main entrance, the design incorporates a new vestibule and full-height 4-story backlit translucent Kalwal paneling, which gives a rose-tinted glow above the vestibule.

Cedars of Lebanon Apartments

Project Name:  Exterior Repairs to Cedars of Lebanon Apartments
Location:  Lebanon, Illinois
Owner/Developer:  Volunteers of America Housing Corporation
Completion Date:  June, 1995
Size:  120 Apartments
Cost:  $175,000

Faced with multiple leaks and exterior deterioration, this project included replacement of all exterior sealants, repairs to the exterior synthetic plaster system, and other miscellaneous exterior repairs.

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