633 Emerson

Location:  Creve Coeur, Missouri
Owner:  Creve Coeur Medical Enterprises, Inc.
Contractor:  A. J. Brown Construction
Completion Date:  October, 2001
Size:  19,000 SF
Cost:  $1,500,000

This complex project transforms an existing parking level into usable office space.  Beginning with zoning presentations to the city, the project progressed through design of the major public area components, as well as design of the individual tenant spaces.  Existing exterior materials and glazing are duplicated, and new covered lower level entry added, seamlessly joining the existing with the new.

Blue Fish Pediatrics

Location:  Saint Louis County, Missouri
Owner:  Mercy Systems
Contractor:  Summit Group Development
Completion Date:  April, 2010

The extensive program for this 5000 square foot suite demanded efficient use of space.  The design provides a circular patient flow around a central nursing station.  Doctors’ offices and staff break areas are segregated from patient rooms.

Family Dental

Location:  Saint Peters, Missouri
Owner:  Dr. William Rizutti
Contractor:  A.J. Brown Construction
Completion Date:  September, 2002
Size:  12,000 SF per floor
Cost:  $1,500,000

This sprawling Prairie style building provides consolidated offices for one of the largest dental practices in the area.  Besides state-of-the art operatories, the building includes a staff day care center, staff lockers and other support facilities.

Feet for Life Center

Project Name:  Feet for Life Surgery Center
Location:  University City, Missouri
Owner:  Dr. Michael Horowitz
Contractor:  TM2 Construction
Completion Date:  August, 2003
Size:  4,000 SF
Cost:  $400,000

The existing freestanding building was renovated inside and out.  The dated exterior was replaced with intersecting planes of EIFS, fixed metal awnings and fabric canopies.  The limited interior space was effectively used to serve both as conventional medical offices as well as a state licensed surgery center.

Harris Dental

Location:  Saint Louis, Missouri
Owner/Developer:  Dr. Karen Harris
Contractor:  Volk Construction
Completion Date:  November, 2003
Size:  4,000 SF
Cost:  $600,000

This 4000 SF freestanding dental building sits at a prominent corner in a commercial area near downtown Saint Louis.  Exterior design incorporates decorative concrete masonry, mimicking the masonry parapets of nearby structures.

Kingston Dental

Location:  Saint Louis, Missouri
Owner:  Dr. Ron Greif
Contractor:  Don Bowes Construction
Completion Date:  Februaryti 1998
Size:  4,200 SF
Cost:  $550,000

This one-story multi-tenant medical office building with a walk-out basement features a stuccoed structure articulated with elliptical porches, large plaster columns, and glass block windows. The program allows the prime tenant to occupy over half the building and ultimately expand into the remainder.  The interior features soft colors, rounded forms and soffited ceilings to create a pleasant dental environment.

Paragon Professional Building

Location:  Saint Peters, Missouri
Owner:  Davis Juels Enterprises, LLC
Contractor:  Halamicek Brothers Construction
Completion Date:  June, 1999
Size:  11,200 SF
Cost:  $550,000 shell only

Located in the showplace Saint Peters Civic Centre area, this 4-tenant medical office building faces the city hall complex.  Using a lively mix of brick and concrete masonry, standing seam metal roofing and synthetic plaster, the building exterior blends with its surroundings but has its own distinctive look.  The project also included interior architectural design for the primary tenant’s dental suite.

St. Louis Sports Health

Location:  Des Peres, Missouri
Owner:  Dr. Chris Rothrock
Contractor:  Land Dynamics, Inc.
Completion Date:  August, 2009
Size:  3900 SF

The layout of this orthopedic suite maximizes efficiency, and integrates the doctor’s unique use of a trainer, a nutritionist and other consultants into the patient flow.  The open layout still provides patient privacy, but allows staff to communicate with each other, and monitor patient activity.

Surgical Medical Association of St. Charles

Location:  Lake Saint Louis, Missouri
Owner:  William Steinlage
Contractor:  Halamicek Brothers Construction
Completion Date:  September, 2001
Size:  5,000 SF
Cost:  $550,000

This multi-tenant medical office building sits adjacent to a small hospital complex, with exterior materials selected to blend with existing buildings, but create a distinctive look for the major tenant. The interior flow is designed to allow expansion into the adjacent tenant space. Location of the building on a tight site dictated the location of entrances.

The Dental Center

Located in a long narrow tenant space, the design creates a corridor with an open operatory plan with lab and sterilization spaces opposite.  The corridor is accentuated with indirect lighting and a barrel vault ceiling faux painted sky scape.

Town Center Dental

Contractor:  HBD Contracting

The design for Dr. Peter Hguyen’s second locatoin in a fast growing outer suburb uses skewed angles and sharp contrasts for a clean contemporary look.  The lobby and reception area features granite counters, beveled glass inserts and a geometric carpet pattern, cohesively integrated in a narrow space.

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